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Did you know that the Spanish language is similar to the French language?

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What students say!

I went to Colombia to learn Spanish and I had the goal of becoming fluent. I went to a few different schools and studied for a few months but l struggled a lot with the subjunctive tense and no matter how much I tried I just couldn't understand it until I met Diana, who after a few weeks of private lessons helped me finally understand and achieve my goal and conquer the subjunctive and past subjunctive and my pronunciation and accent improved tenfold! I am so grateful for having had her work with me patiently and creating fun interactive classes. I strongly recommend anyone looking to improve their Spanish to contact her ASAP.

Hands down the best teacher I have had.  

- Timarco (Australia)

Diana has been an excellent Spanish teacher. She was a real game changer for me. I have struggled for years to learn Spanish but it has never clicked. I started doing one on one classes with Diana and my Spanish improved more in a few months than it had in the previous 3 years of living in Central and South America! She is great at tailoring her instruction to your weak points and helps you accomplish whatever specific language goals you have. We have an excellent balance of structured lessons and off the cuff “real life” conversations. She has always been very flexible with our scheduling so has been able to accommodate my shifting schedule for all our classes. I highly recommend Diana as your next Spanish instructor! 

-Chase Lambert (Estados Unidos)

Diana et super. J'adore les cours avec elle. Je suis débutante en espagnol. Elle est patiente, elle s'adapte parfaitement a mon niveau. Elle a un espagnol très facile a comprendre et pleine de ressources.

Sabrina (Suiza)